Yankee Stadium Becomes COVID-19 Vaccination Site (www.espn.com)

The biggest shot that will occur at Yankee Stadium during the winter months won’t have anything to do with a baseball sailing over a short right-field porch. 

As noted by the

(h/t ESPN), the home of the New York Yankees officially opened as a COVID-19 vaccination site on Friday: 

“This is about protecting people who need the most protection because the Bronx is one of the places that bore the brunt of this crisis of the coronavirus,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a media event. “The Bronx has suffered.” 

De Blasio is a noted Boston Red Sox fan but wore a Yankees hat while speaking with reporters: 

The AP added that it’s hoped medical personnel will complete 15,000 appointments at the site within the first week. 

Reports emerged earlier in the day that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell recently offered all of the league’s stadiums as vaccination sites in a letter written to President Joe Biden. Seven NFL venues are already in the rotation, but the others are expected to join the list at some point following Super Bowl LV. 

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