Urban Meyer Reveals His Favorite College Town (247sports.com)

Football brings pageantry and tradition unlike any other across intercollegiate athletics, and

that offer unique experiences that never grow old. And according to Urban Meyer, who’s enjoyed a half-dozen stops during his coaching career, there’s one spot that remains unforgettable.

During Saturday’s Fox Big Noon pre-game show, Meyer and his co-horts selected their favorite college towns and the three-time national champion gave an answer that wasn’t the least bit surprising.

“I’m very biased,” Meyer said, “and I’m going to go early September, late August in Gainesville, Florida (with that) 110 heat index.”

Prior to his successful stint at Ohio State, Meyer was the leader at Florida from 2005 through 2010, winning two titles with the Gators with countless All-Americans and Tim Tebow as program’s most recognizable star.

Matt Leinart, a former Heisman winner at USC, had another town in mind.

“I’m going with Madison, Wisconsin,” Leinart said. “I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard the stories.”

Former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn went back to the SEC with his selection.

“Oxford, Mississippi … little Hotty Toddy and check out the Grove,” Quinn said.

Meyer picked Florida in the preseason to reach the final four and has re-emphasized that selection in recent weeks during the Gators’ four-game winning streak. Anchored by Heisman candidate Kyle Trask, who has thrown a nation-leading 31 touchdown passes, Florida has one of the nation’s hottest offenses, one that could threaten Alabama, Meyer says.

He mentioned after the Gators’ win over Georgia this season that Florida has what it takes to get to the final four.

“I think Florida had the biggest win of Dan Mullen’s career down there at Georgia,” Meyer said. “Huge win. They’re playing well. Their defense is starting to get back together. They have to stay focused. Can you sustain success? What’s that mean?

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“You have to go play Arkansas. Arkansas can beat you. That’s the thing about the SEC top to bottom, if you don’t show up ready to go, you can lose that game. But we found a legit threat to Alabama.”

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