Tyson Fury said he was going to knock out Deontay Wilder. At 273 pounds, not many believed him. He proved his doubters wrong with a round 7 TKO.

When Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder stepped on the scales before their Saturday, Feb. 22 rematch, most thought that Fury didn’t stand a chance. Most were wrong.

Fury said before the fight that he was going to knock out Wilder. He said he added weight for power. At 273 pounds, Fury looked like the best version of himself the world has ever seen. He took the fight to Wilder, beat him up, and forced his corner to stop the fight.

It was the most improbable finish that could be expected. Wilder, the KO puncher, got pushed around the ring like a ragdoll for seven hellacious rounds. Fury’s punches thumped him and had Wilder on his back foot all night. Wilder could find no answers as Fury took the WBC title from him in brutalizing fashion.

From round 1, Fury’s hands were faster and more accurate. Wilder moved back and tried to time Fury’s right hands. He even slipped in a few, but Fury took them well and countered.

In round 2, Fury hurt Wilder with a right hand. He stayed on his feet but wasn’t the same after. As Wilder was being tended to in the corner, he was spitting out blood. Blood also leaked from his ear, which would be more visible later in the bout.

Round 3 sealed the end for Wilder. Fury leveled Wilder with a right hand. Wilder got to his feet, but his legs were gone. He tasted the canvas, but it was ruled a push. When Wilder got up, but it looked like he could barely stand.

Fury continued to beat Wilder up, and his pressure paid dividends in round 6. He dropped Wilder with a left to the body. After this point, it was only a matter of time. Wilder was out of the fight, but his heart made him continue to get up and fight on.

Round 7 was hard to watch. Wilder was eating rights to the head. He couldn’t defend himself. Wilder’s arms were weary, and he could only hold them out as Fury pummeled away. His corner saw enough and stopped the fight. Fury is the new WBC heavyweight champion of the world via TKO in 7.

After the fight, Wilder addressed the crowd.

“There’s no excuses, and I’m going to come back even stronger,” said a disappointed by resolved Wilder.

Fury had kind words for Wilder in return. He gave him praise for stepping up and giving him the fight. Fury also said words that will resonate throughout the heavyweight division.

“The king has returned!” exclaimed Fury.

He also turned the post-fight scrum into a karaoke:

The balance in the heavyweight division has completely shifted. Fury is the best heavyweight in the world. Time will tell if there is a Fury vs. Wilder 3.

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February 23, 2020 at 12:46AM