The Houston Astrodome Opened In 1965, And The Experience Must Have Been Strange (

In 1965 the Houston Astros unveiled a futuristic stadium, the likes of which had never before been seen or heard or smelled or touched or sixth-sensed. The Astrodome was a gigantic, indoor, air conditioned Stadium of the Future, with real grass and a $2 million animated scoreboard. It was called the Eighth Wonder of the World and became the third most frequented man-made tourist destination — look out Mount Rushmore!

What was it like for fans to experience this marvel of architecture back in 1965? Only one way to find out — the 1965 Yelp Reviews of The Astrodome. Of course, they didn’t have Yelp as we know it back then, since they didn’t have the internet. So we’ll have to imagine it. And since we’re imagining, we’ll pretend that pre-internet Yelp was some sort of church bulletin. Sure!

reviews are laid out as if in a church bulletin