Texans CEO Consulted Deshaun Watson On Team’s HC, GM Search (www.espn.com)

The Houston Texans still are in search of their next head coach and general manager following the firing of Bill O’Brien in October. It doesn’t seem like they’ve made much progress, but it appears one player’s input will go a long way in the team’s final decision.

Texans CEO Cal McNair has asked star quarterback Deshaun Watson for his opinion regarding the future of the franchise in terms of the next head coach and GM. The two had dinner recently, and McNair told ESPN that he “respects” Watson’s opinion and wants the quarterback “to be happy.” McNair told ESPN:

“I fully realize how important the general manager and head coach hires are for this organization. My goal is to hire great people who fit the Houston Texans. I want to build something that our fans, players and staff are proud of.

“It’s OK to be under construction right now because every great organization goes through some tough phases, but I still strongly believe the future is very bright for this organization.”

Watson agreed to a four-year, $160 million extension with the Texans in September, so it’s no surprise McNair wants his opinion. The 25-year-old’s deal runs through 2025, and if the organization doesn’t hire a solid head coach and general manager, Watson could end up seeking employment elsewhere. 

Romeo Crennel, who is serving as Houston’s interim head coach, very well could return as the franchise’s full-time head coach next season, Schefter reported last week. Hiring from within the organization is a very strong possibility due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Texans could stick with Crennel for 2021 and conduct a more solid search the following offseason. 

McNair also said last week that he plans to first hire a general manager, who will then help with the head coaching search. 

At this point, there doesn’t appear to be a clear path to the finish line for the Texans, so we’ll probably have to wait until the offseason to get more information about potential candidates. 

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