Testimonials From Trade Rumors Front Office Subscribers (www.mlbtraderumors.com)

costs just $2.99 per month or $29.89 per year. Check out the full benefits here.  I’ve rounded up a new batch of testimonials from current Trade Rumors Front Office subscribers for your consideration:

Front Office has been well worth the cost and then some. To not only have the up-to-the-minute news but also the ability to ask questions and hear directly from the experts, the subscription has provided amazing value. These guys put their heart and soul into MLBTR. The least we can do is help them out along the way. The emails, chats and Q&A are icing on the cake. Keep up the great work guys!!! – Zack

I read the testimonials from other MLBTR readers who signed up for the Front Office subscription, and thought I’d give it a try. Whether you check out the site occasionally or hit refresh several times a day, it’s well worth the very small investment. Aside from no ads (!), the in-depth chats and behind-the-scenes mailbags are beyond what I was expecting and way more than I get from any other subscription site. Frankly, I don’t know why they don’t charge more. It’s a must have. You won’t regret it. – Jake

I look forward to subscriber mailbags and exclusive on-line chats, where it is not only easier to get your question answered but the writers answer in paragraphs, not single sentences. I initially subscribed just to show my support for this great site, but I got a lot more than I bargained for. – Jack

Tim, I subscribed to Trade Rumors Front Office initially to simply support your site. I enjoy the site and I did not want to see you “tank” ala cut back on staff or articles. [I also felt a little guilty using the site so much and not contributing]. The subscription includes private chats, emails w/you, etc. I unsubscribed to all that. I did not need more content, I was happy… Well for whatever reason I re-subscribed. Turns out the emails w/you answering questions is now what I like most about the site. That is what I look most forward to every week. Thank you. – Nick

It’s worth signing up. I love the exclusive chats and emails that “regular” folks don’t get. I signed up the moment subscription was available and have never looked back. You want more in depth baseball happenings and rumors for a few cents you probably spend on beer, anyway…go for it! – Stevie

Happy to support one of the sites I visit most. Great content available to subscribers. Also, loving the democratization of content associated with the mailbag questions. – Joel

I am glad I subscribed. Special emails arrive weekly. There are opportunities to ask questions that actually … wait for it … get answered! It’s a must subscription for the MLB fan. Take away my first and second round draft choices, but don’t take away my MLBTR subscription! Come join us. – James

I check MLB Trade Rumors every day, looking for new content. There are obvious benefits of a Front Office subscription (more information and insights), but signing up also is a way to demonstrate appreciation for product and group of writers that I value. – Steven

As a fan since 1957 and a former MLB certified player agent, I can’t imagine a more informative site than Trade Rumors Front Office. The small subscription fee pays for days, weeks, and months of news and insights beyond what the already terrific MLBTR provides us for free. If you love baseball, you’ll love TR Front Office. – Bruce

I have been a big fan of MLBTR since it hit the scene. It is the one place I could always go and catch up throughout the day. By subscribing and eliminating the ads, it is even easier and faster to catch up! MLBTR is my first stop when looking for baseball news and the site became even better when I subscribed! – Dean

MLBTR is one of the top 5 essential baseball sites, with content worth every penny of the subscription price. It’s an evident labor of love and passion, dedicated to making us all more informed, and it deserves your support. – Eric Van, former Red Sox Baseball Ops consultant, Chair of SABR’s Science and Baseball Committee

As someone who reads MLBTR on a daily basis, the website is extremely valuable to me in my work to stay abreast of current activities in the game. The writers work diligently to provide important information throughout the day while supporting that effort with a wide variety of helpful resources like the agency database, the free agent and arbitration trackers, and the salary arbitration projections. It is a go-to source. I particularly encourage you to become a Front Office subscriber because it shows your appreciation for their daily effort and it provides a stable revenue source that is critical to MLBTR’s financial health. You will not regret becoming a Front Office subscriber. – Ed

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