T-Wolves Choosing Between Edwards, Ball With First Pick? (theathletic.com)

The NBA Draft is a little over 24 hours away and the biggest question remaining is who the Minnesota Timberwolves will take with the No. 1 pick. According to The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie, the team is seriously considering taking Anthony Edwards or LaMelo Ball first overall, with Edwards having a slight edge over Ball.

“Over the last 24 hours, the tide has shifted a bit to where I think Edwards is a bit more likely than Ball,”

. “Essentially, the conversations boil down to this: do they take the guy who fits better on this roster in Edwards, who can clearly slide into the 2-guard spot? Or do they take Ball, who probably has a bit more upside?”

This appears to be a shift from the Timberwolves’ previous interest in James Wiseman. The team has a dynamic duo in Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell, but they could use some more talent to try and make a playoff push in the Western Conference. Wiseman is considered by some to be the player with the highest ceiling of all the draft prospects and could potentially be a great third piece for the Timberwolves.

Of course, there is also a chance that Minnesota does not even keep the first pick, as they are reportedly open to trading the pick in order to add some veteran help to their roster. But if they hold onto the pick, it sounds like Edwards may be their guy.

The NBA Draft will take place on November 18 at 8 p.m. ET.

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