SHOWTIME Shows DeAndre Hopkins Epic Reaction After MOSSING 3 Bills Defenders (VIDEO) (

DeAndre Hopkins knew he was covered by multiple guys on Sunday, but it simply did not matter.

The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver pulled down the football after Kyler Murray bombed it for 43 yards in the final seconds of the game against the Buffalo Bills.

His reaction to the epic catch was caught on film and sent out this week on NFL Films:

After the game, Hopkins was asked about the play.

“I saw (Murray) scrambling around,” he said, via the team. “I knew he was gonna, hopefully, get us the ball, get me the ball or one of the big guys down field that could go up and pinpoint it. … I saw him back there, doing what he do, making guys miss and I knew I needed to put myself in position if it came my way.”

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