Sam Pittman Previews LSU Game, Expects Strong Fight By Arkansas (

Arkansas appears to still be on track for Saturday’s noon ET game against LSU after coronavirus issues within the Razorbacks’ program brought a potential postponement into focus earlier this week. First-year head coach

, who recently battled coronavirus himself, provided a latest outlook Friday afternoon on the Paul Finebaum Show.

“I’m positive that we are going to play (Saturday),” Pittman said. “I’m very comfortable with it, coaching staff is comfortable with it. The ones that are going to play i’m sure will play very very hard.”

When he met with the media for a press conference Thursday, Pittman was hopeful but realistic about the chances of a game between Arkansas (3-4) and LSU (2-3) happening.

“(Practices have) been really good,” Pittman said. “It was great to be back with the team (Wednesday), but Monday and Tuesday went well. The coaching staff ran it real well, the kids practiced hard. We’ve had to make a few adjustments, but injury-wise, you’d have to do that anyway. And so, it’s gone (well). Practice has gone well.”

The Boot — Arkansas-LSU game is a big deal for Arkansas, it’s a big deal and we have approached it that way,” Pittman added. “Obviously, all games are important. This adds a little extra, extra juice to it, obviously, and we’d love to have the Boot stay here. We know we have a big challenge. We know they’re a great football team. But certainly, we’re excited to play on Saturday.”

While holding out hope for the game, Pittman underlined Thursday’s comments with an honest breakdown of what more needed to happen for the Razorbacks and Tigers to play.

“No, I don’t feel good about COVID,” Pittman said with a laugh. “I think everybody’s for an answer and I’ll give you an answer — we’re going to play Saturday. As of right now, we’re going to play. We have a test that we took (Thursday) that gets back (Friday). And I’m going to just tell you the truth — we’re running thin. And we want to play the game, but you have to have adequate numbers to play the game — and we are thin.

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“And so, if we have a good test (Friday), then by golly, we’re going to play the game. We want to play the game. We have not talked to our players one second about not playing the game because we want to play the game. They want to play. And so, as long as our numbers will allow us to play, that’s what we’re going to do. Are we thin? Yes.”

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