Referee Trampled In Dolphins’ Celebration (

The saying goes that people shouldn’t do something worth celebrating if they can’t handle the celebration. For an official in the Miami Dolphins-Denver Broncos game, the fault was more about accidentally getting in on the celebration.

The official was jogging up after a change in possession when he suddenly found himself faced with a herd of charging Dolphin players. They were celebrating Xavien Howard’s interception of Denver quarterback

, and the referee had nowhere to escape.

The result was about what you would expect.

Here’s another angle.

That’s Dolphins safety Clayton Fejedelem who gets credit for the pancake, though Fejedelem obviously never saw the official coming. And it somewhat adds an extra layer to the whole “keep your head on a swivel” thing.

But it’s tough to blame Fejedelem, who is just running with his teammates and celebrating a big play by Howard, Howard’s sixth interception of the season. The referee probably needs to do a slightly better job of watching out for a big group of heavily armored men running in his general direction. And he probably will after what happened on Sunday.

Miami came into the game at 6-3 and second in the AFC East, energized by a young roster and recently, a switch to rookie Tua Tagovailoa at quarterback. The Dolphins entered on a five-game winning streak and just a half-game back of the Buffalo Bills.

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