Oklahoma Defense Best It Has Looked ‘in A Long Time’ (247sports.com)

For several years, the book on Oklahoma was that the Sooners would light up a scoreboard but were vulnerable to opposing offenses. But ESPN college football analyst

said on the CFB Podcast with Herbie, Pollack and Negandhi Show that Oklahoma defensive coordinator Alex Grinch has his unit playing well heading into Bedlam this weekend.

“This is the best I’ve seen Oklahoma’s defense in a long time,” Pollack said. “I trust them to be in position. I trust them to play hard. They’re creating more turnovers than teams have in the past for Oklahoma. It didn’t matter if they played Kansas, they couldn’t turn Kansas over. I’m starting to trust their defense more in the way they fly around.”

And while Pollack’s trust is growing in Oklahoma’s defense, it’s diminishing in Oklahoma State’s offense.

“I don’t trust them offensively,” Pollack said. “I don’t know who they are. Are they a really good running football team? Because I don’t see that. They threw for 400 against Texas, but I just don’t see consistency in this offense. I don’t believe in Oklahoma State’s offense.”

That doesn’t mean the Cowboys won’t supply a challenge for the Sooners this weekend. Grinch discussed that challenge at his weekly media availability.

“Well, and with a quarterback with the ability to beat you with his arm and his legs, I mean it just adds a number of different layers to everything,” Grinch said. “It’s never as simple as [saying], ‘If we take this any, we’re going to win the football game.’ Very rarely in college football anymore can you make that claim. We have talked about in the past about trying to make teams one-dimensional. Again, it sometimes sounds better than it actually is. And certainly if you do utter those words, you don’t say that because it’s a simple fix. Otherwise, it would be done more often.

“But it’s as challenging as it will be for us this year. [We] have a lot of respect for, one, how they’re coached, their scheme, their ability to use that talent. It’s one thing to have it. It’s another thing to use it. That goes back to coaching. And they’ve been running their scheme, variations of it, for a long time. They have a lot of confidence in it, which means they have answers.

“And then when you have the ability to do it both in the run game and the pass game [it plays hand-in-hand]. You know, we talk about complementary football, I guess, between offense and defense. There’s also complementary football that applies singular to an offense, ability to both run and pass. And so, no, it doesn’t get a whole lot tougher than this, and they certainly have our respect.”

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