Northwestern Trolls Joe Galloway For Rece Davis Comment (

Bulletin board material often comes from opposing teams when they get a bit loose-lipped about discussing their opponents. But Northwestern was given a pretty good-sized chunk by ESPN analyst Joey Galloway this past week.

The former Ohio State receiver went out on Tuesday and said of the Wildcats, “Look, I’ve been watching Northwestern play, and honestly I mean, they’ve got a bunch of Rece Davises out there running around.” That Northwestern heard the clip is undeniable: Wildcat coach

referenced it after Northwestern upset Wisconsin 17-7 Saturday.

What people might not notice is just how much Northwestern paid attention to Galloway’s comments.

Yep, that’s the official Northwestern Twitter account — which changed its name to “Fightin’ Rece Davises” — tweeting out a video of Wildcat players repeatedly joking around about Galloway’s comments the next day at practice.

Northwestern followed that up with an inspired performance against the Big Ten West favorite Badgers. And in the postgame interview, Fitzgerald mentioned Galloway’s comments.

“You want to know what college football’s all about: How about these fighting Rece Davises right here, huh Joey Galloway?” Fitzgerald said. “How about the fighting Rece Davises?”

The players could be heard yelling about the Davis comments in the interview, with Fitzgerald chipping in, “As long as Joey Galloway keeps talking, we’ll I think appreciate it. I think the guys heard him pretty loud and clear.”

The Northwestern video above ends with Fitzgerald congratulating his “bunch of bad Rece Davises in here.”

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