NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant, Clippers ‘very Viable’ Fit In Free Agency

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NBA rumors: Kevin Durant, Clippers ‘very viable’ fit in free agency originally appeared on

Stephen A. Smith has changed his mind. Kevin Durant is going to the Los Angeles Clippers.

You might recall Smith said last month on ESPN’s “First Take” that he believes KD will join the Lakers in free agency next summer, with the Warriors, Celtics, 76ers and Knicks also on the superstar’s list, in that order.

No Clippers. Until Friday, that is.

Smith cited “very, very well-connected” sources in reporting this: “People in NBA circles believe that Kevin Durant — the Los Angeles Clippers have a legitimate shot of acquiring him.”

Smith cites the Clippers’ available salary-cap space — according to him, the team is only committed to $47 million next season, with over $60 million — as why they’re “very viable.”

Smith’s report could be bad news for Warriors fans, but it’s really harsh for Knicks followers. Smith said KD-to-the-Knicks is just “a smokescreen” and that “there’s no way in hell he’s playing there.”

But we’re still seven months from NBA free agency, so there’s no way in hell anyone knows where Durant will play. The Warriors have just as much of “a legitimate shot” of keeping KD, especially if they win a third consecutive NBA championship.

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