Mets Owner Steve Cohen Tweets About Possible ‘Bobby Bonilla Day’ At Citi Field (

Bobby Bonilla swings
Bobby Bonilla swings

Bobby Bonilla, who has not played for the Mets since 1999 and retired after the 2001 season, receives a hefty check from the Mets every July 1 due to deferments.


how Bonilla is just one of many players throughout baseball getting deferred payments and how the deferment helped pave the way for the Mets to draft David Wright, but the lazy Bonilla jokes come out anew every July 1.

On Thursday, Mets owner Steve Cohen (perhaps jokingly) wondered if the Mets should turn it into something fun every July 1 at Citi Field.

“Let’s take a vote,” Cohen tweeted in response to a fan who asked for Cohen to pay off Bonilla in one lump sum. “How about we have a Bobby Bonilla day every year. Hand him an oversized check and drive a lap around the stadium. Could be fun.”

Bonilla is a New York native, so maybe he’d be up for it. 

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