LaMelo Ball On Going No. 1 In NBA Draft — ‘I’m Born For This’ (

LaMelo Ball’s sales pitch on why he should go No. 1 in 2020 NBA draft is simple.

“I feel like I’m born for this,” Ball declared during Tuesday’s media availability.

The projected top selection also confirmed that he did conduct workouts in front of the

, Golden State Warriors, Charlotte Hornets and Detroit Pistons throughout the pre-draft process. The New York Knicks also talked to him on the phone, he said.

Currently, Minnesota is set to pick first, Golden State second, Charlotte third while the Pistons hold the seventh spot.

“I feel like I’m just the right man for it,” Ball said. “Like I said, I feel like I’m born for this whole thing going on so that’s pretty much my answer right there.”

So far, nothing has caught him by surprise throughout this process, the 19-year-old guard said. His communication with teams has been “good,” according to him but he hasn’t received much feedback other than what he already knows which is “to improve on all aspects of the game.”

Ball describes a typical day consisting of morning, afternoon and evening workouts with rest, food, stretching and movies in between to stay sharp leading into the draft.

“You only go through this process once so I’m really just enjoying all of it,” Ball said.

Ball completed the majority of his training near Detroit, Mich. alongside his mentor and manager, Jermaine Jackson Sr. — who is a Motown native and former Piston. While his father, LaVar, has been involved throughout the process, the youngest Ball brother says Jackson has been beside him on a day-to-day basis to make sure things are going smoothly.

“I don’t look at anything like that as pressure,” Ball said. “Like I said, it’s just basketball. So, being the No. 1 pick definitely holds a lot, but I’m glad I was born for it.”

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