Kyler Murray Puts In Several Trademark Requests After Game-Winning Hail Mary To DeAndre Hopkins (

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Kyler Murray is trying to cash in.

The Arizona Cardinals quarterback’s Hail Mary touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins last week against the Buffalo Bills was so incredible that several people began calling it the “Hail Murray.”

According to Josh Gerben of Gerben Law Firm, Murray has filed a trademark for the saying, which will soon be available on a wide variety of clothing and football instruction services. He also registered for federal trademark protection for “Murray Magic” as well, according to

“According to the filings, a copy of which was obtained by The Republic, the nature of obtaining the trademarks are for future apparel purposes, namely hats, visors, caps, shirts, shorts, hoodies and other types of clothing. The registration also states the phrases will be used on a website that features information relating to the “accomplishments, exploits and biography of a professional football player.”

Both applications are pending, but they almost certainly will be granted to Murray, according to trademark lawyer Josh Gerben of Gerben Law in Washington, D.C. It’s not like Gary from Glendale or Tilly from Tempe can file a trademark request for “Hail Murray” or “Murray Magic” and expect it to be granted to them over Murray.

“Yeah, in all likelihood, Kyler Murray still wins,” Gerben said. “And the reason for that is that if a trademark references a living individual, then that living individual has to consent to the registration for whoever is trying to register it. So, it does protect folks like Kyler.

“Clearly, if someone said ‘Hail Murray’ after that pass and after all the press that came after it, we would all know who you were talking about. Nobody can just register this at will. They would really need Kyler’s permission if they were going to do it.”

Murray’s trademark filing comes just a couple of weeks after Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson filed for a “Let Russ Cook” trademark. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has filed for “TB x TB,” “Tompa Bay” and “Tampa Brady” this year as well.

Murray has the Cardinals at 6-4 while passing for 2,644 yards and 19 touchdowns against eight interceptions. He’s also rushed for 619 yards and 10 touchdowns.

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