How BCS Standings Would Look In Week 12 (

The College Football Playoff race is in full swing this season coming down the stretch with several teams in the thick of things approaching conference championship weekend in a few weeks. With the selection committee’s first poll due next week, let’s shift gears a bit and look at a different rankings system, one we’re all familiar with .. the Bowl Championship Series.

With talk of expansion hitting a fever pitch this season given the number of unbeaten non-Power 5 teams, it’s only a matter of time before the field is widened and viewership is turned up a notch. All things considered, the selection committee has done a commendable job picking the four best teams as opposed to the most deserving thus far in the Playoff era.

, there’s now an opportunity to see how the BCS algorithm views teams this season and where they stand among others in the title race.

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Here’s a look at the formula used during the Bowl Championship Series era and how it would look this fall if we eliminated the committee and relied on computers to make semifinal pairings:

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