Frank Gore Admits Jets Think About 0-16 Record (

Things are so bad for the New York Jets that one of the team’s veteran players is bringing up the ultimate mark of NFL futility.

The Jets fell to 0-10 on Sunday with a loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. To make matters worse, the Jets’ next five opponents all have winning records, and the only team they still have to face that doesn’t is the New England Patriots. In other words, 0-16 is a real concern.

Veteran running back Frank Gore agrees. He said after Sunday’s loss that the team has thought about it daily, and that he “can’t go out like that” if this is his final NFL season.

“You gotta get one,” Gore said, via


That’s certainly never what you want to hear. It’s understandable that it’s crossed the Jets’ mind. Some of the mistakes they’re making are brutal. They’re going to have to pull off a significant upset to get into the win column from here on out.

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