Endy Chavez Re-enacts ‘The Catch’ In Snow (www.mlb.com)

In his underwear, no less

Endy Chavez had a long 13-year career, playing for seven different teams. He never made any All-Star teams or won any Gold Gloves or Silver Sluggers, but he did make one of the greatest catches of all time back during the 2006 NLCS. People

so much that he now just refers to himself as Endy Catch instead of Endy Chavez.

It’s become the defining moment in his life.

So, when yet another snowstorm hit the Northeast this week, Chavez saw it as an opportunity to re-enact his unbelievable highlight. He didn’t have the Shea Stadium wall, but he did have piles of soft white powder to fall into. He flipped on Gary Cohen’s iconic call, stripped down to his boxers (not sure why but it works) and dove headfirst into his backyard.

I can see Scott Rolen’s face when he watches this video now.

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