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Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins got to play with Deshaun Watson for a full season in 2018 and posted career highs in catches and receiving yards, but he posted good numbers in the first five years of his career despite having far shakier quarterbacking situations.

Hopkins cited that history during an appearance on Mad Dog Sports Radio on SiriusXM when he was asked if he thought he was the best wide receiver in the league.

“No argument at all, man,” Hopkins said. “I think some will try to debate it, but no receiver, I think, could put up the numbers I have with the situation I’ve been in. So for me it’s no debate.”

Larry Fitzgerald might have a bone to pick when it comes to making chicken salad out of chicken droppings given the list of quarterbacks that have cycled through Arizona since 2004, although he can now also join Hopkins in hoping that a recent first-round pick will make those dreary years a thing of the past.

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August 8, 2019 at 01:18PM