Bauer Teases Reunion With Lindor, Carrasco With Mets? (

Free-agent starting pitcher Trevor Bauer, the

of the 2020 National League Cy Young Award, played alongside both All-Star shortstop Francisco Lindor and right-hander Carlos Carrasco with the Cleveland Indians. Thus, it’s logical Bauer would have thoughts on the New York Mets acquiring his former teammates in the first blockbuster deal executed by the Amazins since billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen assumed ownership of the club. 

Many couldn’t help but notice, though, that Bauer was sporting a Mets cap during his recent vlog. 

“Lindor is obviously one of the biggest-name shortstops, perhaps the best shortstop in baseball, definitely up there in that conversation, and Carrasco doesn’t get very much attention for his performance on the field, but he’s consistently been one of the best pitchers in the league,” Bauer said, per the league’s official website. “He’s good for a mid-3 ERA basically every single year, and will be in Cy Young contention certain years.”

Back in November, Cohen told reporters the Mets would not “act like drunken sailors in the marketplace,” and logic suggests New York needs to save some money to extend Lindor past the upcoming season. Cohen likely also understands signing Bauer at a time when some clubs are hesitant to do business because of financial restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic could be a gamble worth taking and would make the Mets favorites to win more than just the division this year. 

Maybe Bauer would offer the Mets a small discount to reunite with Lindor and Carrasco and also take advantage of lucrative opportunities that would come with calling the country’s largest sports market home for even a few years.

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