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  • Kirk Gibson’s 1988 World Series Game 1 Homer!

    This is one of my favorite home runs in postseason history! Kirk Gibson could hardly move, yet he was able to send one to the right field stands. I always like seeing those brake lights in the parking lot as the crowd goes into a frenzy. Why did they have to leave the game? You […] More

  • Mets Sign Caleb Joseph – MLB Trade Rumors (

    The Mets have agreed to a deal with free-agent catcher Caleb Joseph,’s Jon Morosi reports (via Twitter). It’s a split contract, per Morosi, which would register as a bit of a surprise given that such a deal would place him on the 40-man roster (albeit with separate rates of pay in the Majors versus […]

  • Gurriel Ready For Clean Slate In 2021 (

    The start and stop of the 2020 season took its toll on Astros first baseman Yuli Gurriel, whose subpar second half and playoff performance made some wonder if he was suddenly showing his age. Gurriel admitted this week he was “pretty exhausted” after the first month of last year’s two-month regular season. And the numbers […]

  • NL Central Notes: Senzel, Pirates, Vogelbach (

    The Reds still don’t have a clear answer at shortstop, but it doesn’t appear as though moving Nick Senzel back to the infield is a consideration. Manager David Bell today told reporters that Senzel is seen as the primary center fielder in Cincinnati, adding that if the club ever considered putting him back in the […]

  • Mr. Smile Channels ‘Coming To America’ (

    Mr. Smile channels ‘Coming to America’ n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”}).parts.2″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”}).parts.3″:{“content”:”Now, all he has to do is record an updated version of “Get Metsmerized,” have a UFO fly over his head and get a New York deli to name a sandwich after him.”,”type”:”markdown”,”__typename”:”Markdown”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”})”:{“__typename”:”UnsupportedTagType”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”}).tags.0″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”UnsupportedTagType”},”externalSourceName”:null,”slug”:”storytype-article”,”title”:”Article”,”type”:”article”,”__typename”:”Tag”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”})”:{“__typename”:”UnsupportedTagType”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”}).tags.1″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”UnsupportedTagType”},”externalSourceName”:”customentity.contributor”,”slug”:”matt-monagan”,”title”:”Matt Monagan”,”type”:”contributor”,”__typename”:”Tag”},”Team:121″:{“id”:”121″,”__typename”:”Team”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”}).tags.2″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:false,”id”:”Team:121″,”typename”:”Team”},”externalSourceName”:”team”,”slug”:”teamid-121″,”title”:”New York Mets”,”type”:”team”,”__typename”:”Tag”},”Player:596019″:{“id”:”596019″,”__typename”:”Player”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”}).tags.3″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:false,”id”:”Player:596019″,”typename”:”Player”},”externalSourceName”:”player”,”slug”:”playerid-596019″,”title”:”Francisco Lindor”,”type”:”player”,”__typename”:”Tag”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”})”:{“__typename”:”UnsupportedTagType”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”}).tags.4″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”francisco-lindor-in-coming-to-america-jacket”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”UnsupportedTagType”},”externalSourceName”:”taxonomy”,”slug”:”offbeat”,”title”:”offbeat”,”type”:”taxonomy”,”__typename”:”Tag”}},”appConfig”:{“graphqlServiceUrl”:””},”appState”:{“adDomain”:””,”appId”:””,”basePath”:”news”,”club”:”mlb”,”contentfulProperties”:{“organismHeadlineFont”:null,”urlLogo”:null,”favicon”:null,”headerMastheadTagline”:null,”headerPrimaryLogo”:null,”headerMastheadTaglineContainerWidth”:”512px”,”headerMastheadTaglineContainerHeight”:”56px”,”organismLogoVersion”:”caplogo”,”organismLogoStyle”:”light”,”headerMastheadLogoVersion”:”cap”,”headerMastheadLogoStyle”:”dark”,”footerLogoVersion”:”primary”,”footerLogoStyle”:”dark”,”headlineTextTransform”:”none”,”headlineFontFamily”:null,”headlineFontFamilySizeMultiplier”:1,”articleVideoAutoPlay”:true,”articleVideoAutoPlaySound”:false,”__typename”:”CF_WebProperties”},”contextUrlPrefix”:””,”env”:”production”,”footerState”:{“clubId”:”mlb”,”deviceProperties”:{},”footerData”:{“instanceId”:”db2f8fb2-78c8-4d3c-a328-9e91c349dfee”,”name”:”global-footer”,”variables”:[],”menuItems”:[{“itemId”:”aec375d3-3afa-4491-ab28-60b736f38982″,”text”:”Terms 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  • Angels Acquire Jack Mayfield, DFA Robel Garcia (

    The Angels announced Thursday that they’ve acquired infielder Jack Mayfield from the Braves in exchange for cash. Fellow infielder Robel Garcia was designated for assignment to open a 40-man roster spot. Atlanta designated Mayfield for assignment yesterday. Mayfield, 30, is something of a familiar face for the Angels, as his lone big league experience has […]

  • Flaherty Named Cards’ Opening Day Starter (

    Flaherty named Cards’ Opening Day starter n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”jack-flaherty-named-cardinals-2021-opening-day-starter”,”type”:”story”}).parts.2″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”jack-flaherty-named-cardinals-2021-opening-day-starter”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”jack-flaherty-named-cardinals-2021-opening-day-starter”,”type”:”story”}).parts.3″:{“content”:”“We evaluated last year, but relative to how it boded for Jack this year, it was an evaluation that we appreciate how he went about it, and he grew from it,” Shildt said. “Now, he’s got an opportunity to move forward. And he’s our guy, starting over today. … […]

  • Alonso Is The One To Watch In New York (

    Alonso is the one to watch in New York n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”pete-alonso-ready-to-lead-mets-in-2021″,”type”:”story”}).parts.6″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”pete-alonso-ready-to-lead-mets-in-2021″,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”pete-alonso-ready-to-lead-mets-in-2021″,”type”:”story”}).parts.7″:{“content”:” nn“You wait and see how he’s going to get after it,” Dennis Braun, Alonso’s coach at Plant High in Tampa, Fla., told me the other day. “I watched him work out. Trust me when I tell you he is literally going to throw himself into […]

  • Astros Hope To Extend Correa; McCullers Also Seeks Extension (

    Astros shortstop Carlos Correa is slated to be a member of next year’s historic class of free-agent shortstops, although the former No. 1 overall pick and American League Rookie of the Year has made clear recently that he hopes to remain in Houston beyond the 2021 season. That’s a feeling that is mutually shared by […]

  • Tigers’ Torkelson Out After Minor Finger Cut (

    LAKELAND, Fla. – Spencer Torkelson’s highly anticipated Grapefruit League debut will have to wait a few days. The Tigers’ top prospect will miss the first few games of Spring Training after suffering a small cut on his right index finger. The injury happened Wednesday night at home, manager A.J. Hinch said. Torkelson is sharing a […]

  • That Ozuna Selfie Was Legendary

    That Ozuna selfie was legendary 🙌💪📸   A photo posted by MLB Network (@mlbnetwork) on 2021-02-25 14:55:15 More

  • Negro League Legends Every Baseball Fan Should Know (

    The story of the various baseball organizations that collectively formed the Negro Leagues over the first half of the 20th century is vital to telling the story of the game to this day. This list highlights the legacies of the greatest black players during the segregated era of professional baseball. Ranging from the Negro Leagues […]

  • This Look Right To You?

    This look right to you? A photo posted by MLB ⚾ (@mlb) on 2021-02-24 23:11:41 More

  • Could Pache Win Job In Center? He Thinks So (

    Though it might not have been comfortable to throw Cristian Pache into the fire during the second inning of Game 1 of last year’s National League Championship Series, the experience gave the Braves reason to believe their top prospect might indeed be ready to be their everyday center fielder. “Even now, he looks like a […]

  • Cubs Underdogs? That’s Just Fine With J-Hey

    Cubs underdogs? That’s just fine with J-Hey n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”jason-heyward-knows-cubs-can-prove-doubters-wrong”,”type”:”story”}).parts.2″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”jason-heyward-knows-cubs-can-prove-doubters-wrong”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”jason-heyward-knows-cubs-can-prove-doubters-wrong”,”type”:”story”}).parts.3″:{“content”:” nnHere are some of the highlights of Heyward’s conversation:nn**Over the offseason, the Cubs reorganized their outfield, signing Joc Pederson and Jake Marisnick after parting ways with Kyle Schwarber and Albert Almora Jr. Heyward was asked for his thoughts on what Pederson and Marisnick bring to the fold.**nn”They […]

  • Fantasy Baseball – Karabell’s Prospect Watch (

    The Seattle Mariners made some unfortunate news in the past week, but perhaps getting lost in the shuffle is the relative clarification — and this is a positive — that the franchise intends to promote awesome outfield prospect Jarred Kelenic in April. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean Opening Day, because he needs the extra two […]

  • ‘Six-tool Player’ Robert Set To Build On 2020 (

    GLENDALE, Ariz. — Luis Robert‘s five-tool ability doesn’t require much of a hype man. His center-field defense basically covering from line to line for the White Sox or his 487-foot home runs pretty much speak for themselves. But on Wednesday, following the White Sox workout at Camelback Ranch, manager Tony La Russa added his analysis […]

  • ‘I’m Going For 50 Homers’ (

    Suárez on 2021: ‘I’m going for 50 homers’ n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”eugenio-suarez-looking-to-hit-50-homers-for-reds”,”type”:”story”}).parts.2″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”eugenio-suarez-looking-to-hit-50-homers-for-reds”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”eugenio-suarez-looking-to-hit-50-homers-for-reds”,”type”:”story”}).parts.3″:{“content”:” nnSuárez was able to get fan cutouts of his family in the seats, and it made him feel a little bit better. He eventually was able to take paternity time to be home in South Florida when his wife gave birth to their second child.nnOnce the […]

  • Notes: Stanton, Voit, Taillon, Gleyber

    Notes: Stanton, Voit, Taillon, Gleyber n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”giancarlo-stanton-eyes-world-series-title”,”type”:”story”}).parts.4″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”giancarlo-stanton-eyes-world-series-title”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”giancarlo-stanton-eyes-world-series-title”,”type”:”story”}).parts.5″:{“content”:”First stepVoit led the Majors with 22 homers last season, but the first baseman is aware of defensive metrics that rated him poorly moving to his right, an area that he aims to improve this season. Voit said that he also wants to increase his walk rate, having worked 17 […]

  • ‘In Better Shape,’ Devers Focused On Defense (

    FORT MYERS, Fla. — Already one of the most gifted young hitters in the game, what separates Rafael Devers from greatness is consistency. This is particularly true on defense, where the third baseman led the Major Leagues with 14 errors in only 128 total chances last season for a fielding percentage of .891. Now 24 […]

  • A Repeat Champion In 2021?

    A repeat champion in 2021? A photo posted by MLB Network (@mlbnetwork) on 2021-02-25 04:33:02 More

  • ‘I Will Be A Handshake Guy’ (

    Bellinger pivots: ‘I will be a handshake guy’ n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”cody-bellinger-at-camp-after-shoulder-surgery”,”type”:”story”}).parts.2″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”cody-bellinger-at-camp-after-shoulder-surgery”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”cody-bellinger-at-camp-after-shoulder-surgery”,”type”:”story”}).parts.3″:{“content”:” nnWith the hope that the shoulder issue is behind him, Bellinger aims to have a better season in 2021 than he did in ‘20. After taking home the 2019 NL MVP thanks to a monster season, Bellinger hit just .239 and finished with a .789 OPS […]

  • How La Russa Could Succeed (or Not) With Sox (

    The last time Tony La Russa managed a Major League Baseball game, Fernando Tatis Jr. hadn’t signed a $340 million contract; he was merely 11 years old. The last time Tony La Russa managed a Major League Baseball game, Ryan Braun won the MVP. (Matt Kemp finished second!) The last time Tony La Russa managed […]

  • Shin-Soo Choo To Play For South Korean Club On 1-year, $2.4M Contract (

    SEOUL, South Korea — Free-agent outfielder Shin-Soo Choo has agreed to a one-year contract to play for a baseball club in his native South Korea. Choo, who spent the last seven seasons with the Texas Rangers, signed a 2.7 billion won ($2.4 million) deal with a Korean Baseball Organization team owned by an affiliate with […]

  • These Prospects Could See A Meteoric Rise (

    Ahhh, Spring Training. That time of year when all things seem possible. And while that kind of euphoric optimism might still be hard to come by these days, even altered Grapefruit and Cactus League schedules have to put a spring in our collective steps, right? After a 2020 in which we didn’t get to see […]

  • Season Preview: San Diego Padres (

    This content is for Premium, Super-Premium, and Premium Monthly members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read. The post Season Preview: San Diego Padres appeared first on Baseball Prospectus. Source link

  • MLBTR Poll: Top-5 Free Agent Contracts (

    By Jeff Todd | February 24, 2021 at 10:34pm CDT With there’s always quite a lot of room to quibble over free agent rankings, there was really no debate regarding the top handful of talent in this year’s class. (At least, that is, once Marcus Stroman elected to accept the qualifying offer.) After Trevor Bauer, […]

  • Have The Astros Found Their Next Ace? (

    Have the Astros found their next ace? n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”framber-valdez-could-be-an-ace-for-astros”,”type”:”story”}).parts.5″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”framber-valdez-could-be-an-ace-for-astros”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”framber-valdez-could-be-an-ace-for-astros”,”type”:”story”}).parts.6″:{“content”:”Considering all of that, it’s really no surprise that Valdez’s hook has consistently baffled big league hitters.nnIn his three-year career, the lefty has ended 266 plate appearances with his curveball and recorded 137 strikeouts with the pitch. His 51.5% strikeout rate on curveballs was the third highest for […]

  • Santana’s Patient Approach Perfect For KC (

    Carlos Santana‘s approach and presence in a lineup isn’t new to Royals players, coaches or front office officials. They’ve seen it firsthand for 10 seasons while he was with Cleveland in the American League Central. The Royals know exactly what he can do to opposing pitchers. That’s why they’re so excited the slugger is in […]

  • California Health Notes: Murphy, Ohtani, Bellinger (

    By Jeff Todd | February 24, 2021 at 8:55pm CDT Here’s the latest from out west, with a focus on the health situations of a trio of important players … Athletics catcher Sean Murphy is firmly on the mend after an offseason medical scare, Matt Kawahara writes for the San Francisco Chronicle. He discussed his recovery from […]

  • Jose Abreu Tests Positive For COVID-19 (

    Chicago White Sox general manager Rick Hahn confirmed on Wednesday that three-time All-Star first baseman and reigning American League Most Valuable Player Jose Abreu will be away from the club for at least “the next several days” after testing positive for COVID-19.  Per the club’s official website, Abreu is “completely asymptomatic” and thinks he contracted […]

  • Jerry Dipoto, Jarred Kelenic Respond To Kevin Mather Controversy (

    The Mariners are in damage-control mode following CEO Kevin Mather’s resignation in the wake of a bizarre video interview that brought considerable backlash on the organization. General manager Jerry Dipoto and manager Scott Servais called the entire situation “embarrassing” when meeting with the Seattle media this week (link via The Athletic’s Corey Brock). Dipoto sought […]

  • Ichiro’s Home Project: A Pitching Mound (

    Ichiro’s home project: a pitching mound n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”ichiro-suzuki-has-pitching-mound-at-home”,”type”:”story”}).parts.2″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”ichiro-suzuki-has-pitching-mound-at-home”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”ichiro-suzuki-has-pitching-mound-at-home”,”type”:”story”}).parts.3″:{“content”:”Ichiro, 47, needed a few warmup tosses to hone his location. He missed a few to one of his first batters, Julio Rodriguez, which prompted the uber confident and humorous prospect to ask the eventual Hall of Famer, “You scared of me?”nnThose who followed Ichiro’s 19-year big league career […]

  • Giants Sign Jeremy Walker – MLB Trade Rumors (

    The Giants have signed right-hander Jeremy Walker, he announced Wednesday on Instagram (h/t: Mark W. Sanchez of KNBR). It’s presumably a minor league contract for Walker, whom the Braves released Feb. 12. Walker was a 2016 fifth-round pick of the Braves who made his major league debut with the team in 2019, when he put […]

  • Blackmon ‘feels Alive’ In Unexpected Times (

    Blackmon ‘feels alive’ in unexpected times n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”charlie-blackmon-feels-alive-challenges-2021″,”type”:”story”}).parts.3″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”charlie-blackmon-feels-alive-challenges-2021″,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”charlie-blackmon-feels-alive-challenges-2021″,”type”:”story”}).parts.4″:{“content”:”A theme at this camp is many of the Rockies are fueled by the low projections for Colorado, mainly because of an unproven group of position players. Blackmon, signed through this year but holding player options for 2022 ($21 million) and ’23 ($10 million), has enough in the tank […]

  • Throwing Live Batting Practice, An Optimistic Shohei Ohtani Tops Out At 97 Mph For Los Angeles Angels (

    Shohei Ohtani said he topped out at 97 mph while throwing live batting practice on Wednesday, an encouraging development that further supports the enthusiasm voiced by prominent members of the Los Angeles Angels throughout the offseason. Ohtani, the Japanese two-way player who hasn’t pitched regularly since the start of the 2018 season, threw against infielders […]

  • Pirates Acquire Dustin Fowler From Athletics (

    5:59pm: The teams have announced the trade. To make room for Fowler on their 40-man roster, the Pirates placed southpaw Austin Davis on the 60-day injured list with a left elbow sprain. 4:28pm: The Pirates have acquired outfielder Dustin Fowler from the Athletics for cash considerations, according to Rob Biertempfel of The Athletic. Fowler spent […]

  • Ohtani Clocks 97 Mph In Live BP Session (

    Angels two-way star Shohei Ohtani eased any concerns about his velocity on Wednesday, as the right-hander said he reached as high as 97 mph on the radar gun when throwing a live batting practice session to infielders Luis Rengifo and Jared Walsh. It was a step up for Ohtani, who revealed that he topped out […]

  • Red Sox Designate Marcus Walden (

    The Red Sox have designated right-hander Marcus Walden for assignment, Steve Hewitt of the Boston Herald tweets. They did so to make room for the signing of utilityman Marwin Gonzalez, who’s now officially part of the team. Walden, formerly with the Blue Jays, Athletics and Twins, signed with the Red Sox before 2017 and broke […]

  • Cutch Trades Hot Tub For Gym, Field Time In ’21 (

    CLEARWATER, Fla. — Less time in the hot tub, more time on the field, this is the way Andrew McCutchen likes his springs. “I mean, I feel like I’ve got a left and right leg this year,” he said Wednesday at Spectrum Field. “Not two right legs.” McCutchen said he is finally feeling like himself […]

  • Indians Claim Harold Ramirez, DFA Jordan Humphreys (

    The Indians announced Wednesday that they’ve claimed outfielder Harold Ramirez off waivers from the Marlins. Right-hander Jordan Humphreys was designated for assignment to open a spot on the 40-man roster. The 26-year-old Ramirez debuted at the MLB level with the Marlins in May 2019 and posted a superb .368/.419/.474 batting line over his first month […]

  • Is Encore In Store For Randy? ‘Sky’s The Limit’ (

    Is encore in store for Randy? ‘Sky’s the limit’ n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”randy-arozarena-rays-on-expectations-for-encore”,”type”:”story”}).parts.4″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”randy-arozarena-rays-on-expectations-for-encore”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”randy-arozarena-rays-on-expectations-for-encore”,”type”:”story”}).parts.5″:{“content”:”Hearing the Rays talk about what Arozarena can do, it would seem as if the projection systems are underrating his ability — and the physical changes he made in quarantine last year, adding 15 pounds of muscle — in their forecasts. The Steamer system projects a […]

  • Braves Designate Jack Mayfield For Assignment (

    The Braves announced that they’ve designated infielder Jack Mayfield for assignment in order to open a roster spot for their previously reported waiver claim of outfielder Guillermo Heredia from the Mets. The 30-year-old Mayfield was claimed off waivers from the Astros organization earlier in the winter despite a shaky track record at the MLB level. […]

  • Alex Claudio (hip) Back, But Not A Full-go (

    Left-hander Alex Claudio, who has been dealing with a right hip infection, was cleared to arrive at Angels camp on Wednesday, manager Joe Maddon said. Claudio, who signed a one-year deal worth $1.125 million this offseason, still hasn’t been cleared to throw, but he is making progress. The 29-year-old is slated to be the club’s […]

  • Braves Claim Guillermo Heredia – MLB Trade Rumors (

    The Braves have claimed outfielder Guillermo Heredia off waivers from the Mets, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports (Twitter link). New York had designated the 30-year-old for assignment over the weekend. By claiming Heredia, the Braves will become responsible for the entirety of the $1MM salary that he’d previously agreed upon in order to avoid […]

  • Injury Updates: Realmuto, Bellinger, Scherzer

    Injury updates: Realmuto, Bellinger, Scherzer n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”baseball-injury-updates”,”type”:”story”}).parts.4″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”baseball-injury-updates”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”baseball-injury-updates”,”type”:”story”}).parts.5″:{“content”:”**Max Scherzer, Nationals**nnScherzer will have a scaled-back start to Spring Training after spraining his left ankle in early February while running and doing conditioning drills. The 36-year-old righty felt discomfort when attempting to throw a bullpen session, so the club decided to take a cautious approach to his preparation in […]

  • Jose Abreu Tests Positive For COVID-19, But Chicago White Sox Say Star 1B Is ‘completely Asymptomatic’ (

    Chicago White Sox star first baseman Jose Abreu has tested positive for COVID-19 and will be away from the club for the next several days. White Sox general manager Rick Hahn announced Wednesday that Abreu, the reigning American League MVP, is “completely asymptomatic” and “frustrated.” Hahn said that Abreu believes he “contracted a mild case” […]

  • Covid Notes: Abreu, Miller – MLB Trade Rumors (

    By Steve Adams | February 24, 2021 at 11:17am CDT Major League Baseball announced last Friday that just 13 of the 4,336 tests performed during the first wave of Spring Training intake testing revealed positive Covid-19 results: nine players and four staff members spread across 11 big league teams. The broad-reaching hope, of course, is […]

  • Abreu To Report Late After Positive COVID Test (

    GLENDALE, Ariz. — José Abreu, the reigning American League Most Valuable Player, will remain away from the White Sox for the next several days in compliance with MLB intake protocols due to a positive COVID test. The update came from general manager Rick Hahn in a statement released by the team Wednesday morning. Abreu is […]

  • Phillies Have “Checked In” On Jake Odorizzi (

    The Phillies are among the clubs to have checked in recently on free-agent righty Jake Odorizzi’s asking price, MLB Network’s Jon Heyman tweets. He adds that the Angels have maintained some level of interest in the right-hander throughout free agency as well. There’s still no indication that Odorizzi is in serious talks with any individual […]

  • Twins’ No. 1 Prospect Lewis Has ACL Tear (

    Twins shortstop prospect Royce Lewis (MLB’s No. 17 prospect and the Twins’ No. 1) has a torn ACL in his right knee, the team announced on Wednesday. He will undergo surgery to repair the injury on Friday, and the timetable is expected to be nine to 12 months for a full recovery. “While disappointing, he’s […]

  • Twins’ Royce Lewis Requires Surgery To Repair Torn ACL (

    The Twins announced Wednesday morning that shortstop Royce Lewis, the No. 1 overall pick from the 2017 draft and one of their top two prospects, has been diagnosed with a tear in his right knee’s anterior cruciate ligament and will require surgery. The procedure comes with an expected recovery time of at least nine months, so […]

  • Flaherty Opens Up About Arb, ’21, Activism (

    Flaherty opens up about arb, ’21, activism n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”jack-flaherty-on-arbitration-and-future-with-cardinals”,”type”:”story”}).parts.4″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”jack-flaherty-on-arbitration-and-future-with-cardinals”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”jack-flaherty-on-arbitration-and-future-with-cardinals”,”type”:”story”}).parts.5″:{“content”:”**On his mindset**nnAlong with the memes, a quick perusal of Flaherty’s social media platforms will lead you to several motivational speeches and tactics. He has embraced the mental preparation to become an ace just as much as he has the physical. And that’s more important than ever after […]

  • Pick One

    Pick one A photo posted by MLB Network (@mlbnetwork) on 2021-02-23 23:29:06 More

  • Harper: Phillies Making ‘win-now’ Moves (

    CLEARWATER, Fla. — Bryce Harper shared the same concerns last fall. He asked the same questions. Like, are the Phillies in trouble? “Yeah, I mean, I think a lot of people thought that,” Harper said Tuesday morning at Spectrum Field. “I think guys within the organization thought that. We were kind of figuring out like, […]

  • Nationals’ Rotation Is The X-factor In The NL East For 2021 MLB Season (

    The National League East is a five-team cluster. The unit that can considerably separate these teams from each other? That would be the Washington Nationals’ starting rotation. Rotation woes were the primary culprit for the Washington Nationals failing to return to the playoffs after their 2019 World Series championship. Stephen Strasburg made just two starts […]

  • Stanton’s Days In Outfield May Not Be Over (

    TAMPA, Fla. — As Giancarlo Stanton shagged fly balls before Game 5 of last year’s American League Division Series, one Yankees staffer mentioned that the slugger looked healthy enough to play the outfield in that night’s game. The club may offer a chance to prove that thesis this spring. Stanton participated in outfield drills on […]

  • When Peak Aaron Faced The Ageless Paige (

    When peak Aaron faced the ageless Paige n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”satchel-paige-pitches-to-hank-aaron”,”type”:”story”}).parts.7″:{“data”:{“type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”satchel-paige-pitches-to-hank-aaron”,”type”:”story”})”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”satchel-paige-pitches-to-hank-aaron”,”type”:”story”}).parts.8″:{“content”:””\[Hank\] was a remarkable baseball player, but even better as a human being,” Garr says. “He was a wonderful human being. He never taught us to be negative or vindictive — none of that. Just keep working hard and do what’s right.””,”type”:”markdown”,”__typename”:”Markdown”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug({“locale”:”en-us”,”slug”:”satchel-paige-pitches-to-hank-aaron”,”type”:”story”}).parts.9″:{“content”:”So, when did the Hank Aaron vs. […]

  • Baldelli To Twins: ‘We’re Missing Nothing’ (

    FORT MYERS, Fla. — Rocco Baldelli wants his team to know that scores of Major Leaguers have gone through lengthy careers without the opportunity that this group of Twins players has in front of them. It’s just a matter of taking advantage. The White Sox may have had a splashy offseason, but the Twins have […]

  • The Year Blake Treinen Was 19-2 (

    This content is for Premium, Super-Premium, and Premium Monthly members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read. The post The Year Blake Treinen was 19-2 appeared first on Baseball Prospectus. Source link

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