25 Most Important Players Of The ’20-21 College Hoops Season (www.yardbarker.com)

Of all the major sports, college basketball may have been hit the hardest … on the field of play … by the pandemic. Not only did it slam the brakes on the 2019-2020 season, but it did so during conference championship week and wiped out the NCAA tournament. Other sports found a way to crown a champion but college hoops fans lost out on one of sports most electric events.

College basketball will need to find a way to start some momentum. The NBA Draft, which helps remind us all of the talent that exists in college basketball, was held a week before Thanksgiving and may give college hoops a bit of a push as the games begin in a few days. A lot was lost last season that we won’t get back but it may cause us to embrace the upcoming season and all that we gain.

Just like any other year, there are exciting teams and outstanding players to enjoy and root for until April. Sure, the schedule is shorter and we will inevitably have to deal with the postponements and cancellations as the other sports have had to endure but hopefully we will have a season that will end with a tournament and a national champion.

And there is no shortage of players who will captivate our minds during the season. Even as we break down 25 of he most important players of the upcoming season, there are always players who come out of the woodwork to excite us (here’s lookin’ at you, Obi Toppin!). So let’s take a look at the top players to watch for in 2020-2021.