20 Recruits 247Sports Ranks Higher Than The Industry Composite (247sports.com)

Wednesday provided an

, and with it came changes to the industry-leading 247Sports Composite rankings. The Top247 and 247Sports Composite always feature some pronounced differences of opinion across the industry. The following list of players provides a look at a sample of the players who are ranked higher by the 247Sports staff’s Top247 compared to the 247Sports Composite.

The updated Top247 features more than 120 players who 247Sports ranks more than 10 spots higher than the Composite. Headlining the list is a number of prospects heading to the SEC, Big Ten, and SEC. Among the top 20 players on the list, Duke and Georgia lead with the way with two each. 

In this rundown, we look at 20 prospects with a noticeable difference in ranking when comparing the Top247 and the 247Sports Composite. The following 20 prospects range across the spectrum of positions, across the country in their state representations, and numerous name programs all over the map.

As the 2020 season continues with some states beginning their seasons in the spring, it’s safe to say there will be plenty more updates to the Top247 and 247Sports Composite rankings, so stay tuned as we provide subsequent rundowns featuring more players who fall in the category of prospects we at 247Sports rank higher than the rest of the recruiting industry. 

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